More Than a Diet Manual!

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Care Manual® (NCM) is an Internet-based diet manual and professional practice manual for registered dietitian nutritionists; nutrition and dietetics technicians, registered; and allied health professionals. NCM is purchased by annual subscription and gives you online access to evidence- and knowledge-based nutrition information that keeps you current and compliant. View the NCM Table of Contents and the 2017 Update Summary


  • Consistent with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Interpretive Guidelines for the Hospital Conditions of Participation.
  • Meets the Joint Commission’s Hospital Accreditation Standards.
  • Named the preferred diet manual by the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program.
  • Complies with DNV's NIAHO accreditation program.
  • Meets the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality’s Accreditation Standards.

NCM Features

  • Online diet manual and professional practice manual that can easily link to any intranet system.
  • Consistent with the Academy’s Evidence Analysis Library (EAL), Academy position papers, and the Nutrition Care Process.
  • Premiere resource for diabetes nutrition information, written by diabetes nutrition expert Marion Franz, MS, RD, CDE; includes information on updated guidelines from the EAL and American Diabetes Association.
  • Research- and evidence-based nutrition care information for more than 100 diseases, conditions, and topics.
  • Customizable client education: add your company logo, give notes/instructions for patients, and modify menus prior to printing. 
  • Client Ed/Diets section, which includes food lists (food recommended/not recommended) and sample 1-day menus.
  • Electronic calculators that use evidence-based formulas to ensure the most accurate results.
  • An extensive formulary database that is updated semiannually and easily customizable to any facility.
  • References with links to abstracts and full-text articles (when available).
  • Diverse Resources section, including information on cultural food practices, malnutrition coding, and the Nutrition Care Process.
  • Unique customization features, such as highlighting and quick links....
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